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Oceanside Pirates Azizi Hearn 
Height: 6'1" Weight: 191  lbs

Oceanside Pirates 2016

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   Standing 6-foot-2 and weighing 187-pounds, this big and strong cornerback is going to create problems for offenses all season long. And his size and speed (4.43 40yd) are only matched by his passion and intensity.
A very physical player that locks down receivers at the line scrimmage, Hearn makes wide-outs work to create space and get open on the gridiron.
Primarily a cornerback, Hearn will also line up at wide-receiver. And with the combination of his blazing speed and good hands, this Pirate should put up plenty of points on the scoreboard.
Watch for Azizi Hearn in 2016, he will continue to garner interest among top college programs and provide the fire for the Oceanside Pirates to contend for their 17th San Diego CIF Section Championship.

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